This website has been developed as part of a practice submission for a Ph.D. based in the Fine Arts undertaken at Sheffield Hallam University between 2015 and 2022. Sitting alongside my Thesis and Three Practice Books it offers some background about me and my phd, as well as an outline of the body of work that is my research practice, an index of key artworks that have shaped my thinking, and various ‘byproducts’, including presentations, exhibitions, publications, and other things, produced in the process of undergoing and producing the research.

As with my research, the material on this website does not offer a finished, complete, or accurate account of events. Rather, it presents a partial, situated, view of things made along the way, my sensitivity to the research situation, and the performance of tasks that remain on their way to being completed.

The full Ph.D. Thesis and Practice Based Submissions are available for download on the Sheffield Hallam Research Archive site at:
and can be cited as:
Michaels, D., 2022. Organisational Encounters and Reflexive Undergoings: A Speculative Weaving in Three Transpositions (Doctoral dissertation, Sheffield Hallam University) doi: