2015 – 2021

‘The Roland Barthes Reading Group’, led by Sharon Kivland, was formed by those with a shared interest in reading, writing about reading. The group sustained for over six years, serving not only as an environment in which a text is discussed – Barthes’s The Preparation of The Novel, (translated by Kate Briggs) – but also as a community for a space to think about the process of reading and its relation to writing. While the group has come to an end, the work of reading and writing about reading continues…

Contributions to emergent publications (with some audio extracts) include:

'Unsayable Lack', in The Desire for Haiku,

'To Catch a Thief', in The Roland Barthes Reading Group: Roland Barthes Party

'A Mental Jolt', in The Roland Barthes Reading Group: Setting a Bell Ringing

The Roland Barthes Reading Group, 'The Work as Will (Will to Begin)'

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