modroc, string, picture pins, easel, desk lamp, Ikea table, ceiling hung light bulb


Hung Out to Dry

This work – a brief impression of ‘something’ – responds to a brief initial meeting with a psychological service based in the NHS in which we discuss the possibility of the organisation acting as host for a participant-observation. Starting life in my art (psycho)therapy room, I move the fragments of a developing work to the adjacent studio space – a space prepared for my research.

'I wake in the darkness of the early hours with an impression in mind of the bare lightbulb that hangs suspended from the ceiling.
The rigid frame of easel dominates the foreground. The scene changes to one of interrogation where I am the unseen interrogator and the fragments of you – the subject of my examination – are hung up and powerless under the spotlight I put there.
I stand as far back as I can in the opposite corner of the small room to capture as much of you as I can in the frame of the camera lens. It is only then that I see you in a new light, both as an assemblage – part of a larger construction in which I am implicated as maker – and as a performative work which embodies the transfer – transposition – of my practice from one disciplinary space to another.'