Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA)

Initiated by Jo Ray and Michael Day and involving eleven Ph.D. researchers based in the fine arts, the ‘Testing Testing’ project aimed to extend discussion about ‘making’ as a mode of enquiry by showing the evolving stages of practice-based research through an exhibition, two publications, and a symposium. http://testingtesting.org.uk 

Exhibiting the unmade object and the process of its unmaking on a mock therapeutic stage for BE│TWEEN, the viewer is invited to participate in the dialogue and to act as witness to the object’s predicament.

Each exhibiting artist wrote a text outlining the research context for their work in Testing Testing, Vol. 1, and a commentary on the dialogues that emerged in Testing Testing, Vol. 2. Contributions to the emergent publications can be found at http://testingtesting.org.uk and include

‘Between’ in Testing Testing: Prologue (Vol.1)

‘A Constructed Fiction’ in Testing Testing: Dilaogue (Vol.2)