Debbie Michaels, 'A Grand Deception', in The Dreamers, ed. by Sharon Kivland, London: MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2017, 105–114

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‘An experimental writing, this text emerges from a series of workshops on the ‘Writing Art’ module at Sheffield Hallam University, led by Dr Sharon Kivland. Drawing on an examination of self as material for artistic production, the workshops invite participants to consider narratives that weave between internal and external landscapes, working against the linear.

Merging waking memories with dreams, and subjective reflection with imagination A GRAND DECEPTION fictionalises the personal as I shift the narrative away from logic, grammar, and punctuation to the randomness of the unconscious.

Based on the dreams of participants, the collected texts entitled THE DREAMERS, is published by MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE with short introductory essays by Rebecca Jagoe, Sharon Kivland, John McDowall, and dream texts by MA/MFA and Ph.D. students Ameera Al-Aji, Andrea Berry, Emma Bolland, Luke Chapman, Helen Clarke, Louise Finney, Debbie Michaels, Ameena Naushahi, Rachel Smith, Rachel Taylor, and Lunzhao Wu.