Cardboard carton, 1mm Copper wire, 40mm wood match sticks, steel wool, ginger coir, straw, twig, string 55×35
Handwritten documentation, voice recording (5:27 mins).


This weaving of material, text, and voice, was made in response to a ninety-minute preliminary scoping session in the stroke rehabilitation day service, undertaken in advance of commencing the twelve-week participant observation. The aim was to get an initial ‘feel’ for the situation.

During the session I question what I am doing as nothing much seems to be happening. Feeling ‘out of sorts’ the confusion continues into my creative response.

The text and accompanying audio track weaves a voice recording of thoughts expressed during the making process with a written reflection on it. The title, ‘I’m only human’, references the song track Human by Rag′n′Bone Man, and the lyrics ‘don’t put your blame on me’ to which I find myself singing along.