Tissue paper and Brusho, on white card, 59.4 × 84.1
Typed and handwritten documentation on white plain and lined paper, 21 × 29.7


Intimacy Unguarded

‘Intimacy Unguarded’ responds to material discussed in the ‘Roland Barthes Reading Group’, led by artist-writer Sharon Kivland. Reading Barthes’s The Preparation of the Novel, Session of December 9, 1979, and as requested by Kivland, I make an affective response to a ‘punctum’ moment in the text which, for me, resonates through the words ‘code and fantasy’. The title references a symposium of the same name held at the Freud Museum in February 2016.

The maker looks on from a distance – looks down from above – looks back inside to a place in the past that returns to the present. She touches the once white paper which gives way beneath the fingers. No longer stained, but washed clean. She is reminded – taken back to a place in time – a place in mind and body that could not be held - obliterated – submerged – only to re-emerge again.