In ‘Transposition II’ I assemble frames through which to experience and observe a healthcare setting and myself therein, weaving in approaches from psychoanalysis and art (psycho)therapy, and moving attention to the site of artmaking and the making process.

Negotiating a twelve-week participant-observation in a healthcare setting, I follow the intertwining threads and dialogues as I move between institutional and disciplinary sites, organisation and studio, inner and outer. Documenting my embodied experiences in and of the research situation, I articulate this in a multi-layered artistic response. Through works such as HUNG OUT TO DRY, MOMENTS IN TIME, I’M ONLY HUMAN, and TWELVE WEEKS: TWELVE HOURS + TWELVE HOURS + my attention is drawn to 'making' as a space for imaginative encounter and performative enactment, and to the speculative, entangled, affective nature of the research process.

The associated practice book can be viewed or downloaded here.