Title, formatted in sentence case (Not Title Case and NOT ALL CAPS), hints at an interesting issue and/or methodology, doesn’t spill onto a third line (ideally) and isn’t hot pink

Sheffield Hallam University, Art and Design Degree Show

Association of Medical Humanities

Debbie Michaels, ‘’Between Disciplines’, Poster, 84.1×119, suspended, Sheffield Institute of Arts, 2018 Also including artworks by Tim Machin and Victoria Lucas

A presentation of academic posters made by ADRC doctoral students as part of the Sheffield Institute of Arts Creative Spark exhibition. 

Twenty one ADRC PhD’s communicate their research through the terms of the academic poster – materially twisting, eliding, collaging and knotting its conventions of status, academic distance, text quality, volume, description, narrative, voice, density, structure, image, time and space. 

Challenging convention, my poster takes inspiration from research documentation and Roland Barthes’s desire for Haiku. Following the traditional 5/7/5 syllable count, ‘Between Disciplines’ presents (in red) the essence of my research – a series of eight Haikus drawn from the text of my abstract at the time.