Sheffield Hallam University

In presenting these four events, we respond to the need to bring together people from different disciplines to critically explore the roles of creative arts practitioners and health professionals working and researching at the interface of arts and health – both inside and outside the university. Our aims are to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary dialogue and to develop the Critical Arts in Health Network as a forum for ongoing dialogue. Facilitated and mediated through the boundaries of the setting, a critical focus for each event, and a range of ‘making practices’, the events are designed to evoke and provoke, offering a space for creative and critical thinking. Focal points are:

1. A Question of Value
2. Emotional Labour in Healthcare: The Affect of Words
3. The Ethics of Handling a Body of Material
4. Resistance and Resilience: Working with Willow Withies

Facilitated by Julie Walters (HCPC reg. Occupational Therapist, Designer, and Ph.D. Researcher) and Debbie Michaels (HCPC reg. Art Psychotherapist, Artist, and Ph.D. Researcher) with assistance from Dr Joan Healey and Sarah (Smizz) Smith.