Soundpiece, 60 minutes duration

Audio extract – 5 mins

Full audio piece – 60 mins

‘The Voice of Its Making’ comprises an audio-recording of the twelve hours in the studio making the ‘object-body-thing’ – one hour a week over twelve weeks. Wanting to reduce the overall duration, and following the pattern of earlier experiments, I overlay each hour of recording together so that the work is compressed into one hour.

Presenting the ‘object-body-thing’ with a soundtrack of its own construction for Double Agency, I make evident the process of its production, (albeit in a compressed form) – a production in which my voice as maker is also heard. Divorced from the original site of making and assembled differently, the soundtrack disrupts and reframes the material ‘body’ of work, amplifying it in the process.

‘The Voice of its Making’ continues to accompany me when presenting aspects of my research at conferences, workshops and events, and teaching.