In Transposition III I ‘remake’ the residual ‘body’ of work as I (re)situate and (re)present it in settings that bridge art, healthcare, and academia. Challenging traditional relations between researcher and researched I amplify the psycho-social presence of the ‘body’ as different audiences are implicated in the meaning-making process through receiving, handling, and response.

Moving the residual ‘body’ of work and its associated parts out of the studio I first return it to the stroke rehabilitation service, inviting responses through Focus Groups that respond to my presence as observer during TWELVE WEEKS: TWELVE HOURS + TWELVE HOURS + (see FOCUS GROUP 1), and subsequently to INTERRUPTING THE FLOW – an installation of the ‘object-body-thing’ in the place from where I had observed. Moving out and across institutional boundaries, I further amplify the ‘body’s’ presence through weaving THE VOICE OF ITS MAKING for the DOUBLE AGENCY conference intervention.

With different audiences implicated in the meaning-making process through receiving, handling, and responding to the ‘object-body-thing’ my understanding of the human situation deepens as attention is drawn to hospitality and an ethics of responsibility, attention, and care for / of the body. This, in turn, offers an insight into the nature of different sites and how the art is working, as affective understanding insists on being unmade and remade with each 're' iteration, performance, and (re)presentation of it. The work of ‘remaking’ is ongoing.

The associated practice book can be viewed or downloaded here.