Conceptualised as a process of speculative weaving in/through three ‘Transpositions’, my research follows the intertwining dialogues and entanglements as I traverse institutional boundaries in healthcare and academia, unmaking, making, and remaking a body of work.

While the work of unmaking, making, and remaking, is ongoing, the constraints placed around my research and this site foreground the practice that has shaped my thinking at this time, although, after psychoanalyst Thomas Ogden, this does not imply a static thing; rather a living process that continuously expands and changes. Ogden describes a psychological ‘place’; however I expand the idea to encompass a ‘place [or places] of making’ where fragments – this and that, here and there – may gather and be gathered in such a way that the ‘undergoings’ and ‘goings on’ of experience come together, now and then, in one place.

To help the reader locate themselves and the practice material, a TIMELINE traces an outline around the ‘body’, taking the shape of a graphical, chronological, unfolding of events and the order of their occurrence.